About Us

 Our Purpose

Savvy Money Behavior's purpose is to increase our client’s financial literacy, help in upgrading our client’s relationship with money to get out of debt, better manage finances on the road to financial freedom. We take a personalize approach that will address our client’s current financial situation and help address financial challenges and opportunities for improvement.  Helping our clients reach their financial goal is our ultimate success. We look at the whole financial picture holistically in order to categorize and fix root causes of financial distress. Financial coaching is joint effort or professional partnership intended to produce action to address various financial situations.

What is financial coaching?

Financial coaching is not to be confused with financial advisor. Financial coaching is joint effort or professional partnership intended to produce action to address financial situations. They will help assess your financial situation and determine goals and course of actions to reach those goals. This relationship is set to increase your financial literacy that will empower you every step of the way. Using a financial coach is basically an accountability partner who will hold you accountable in achieving your goals. Unlike a financial advisor, a financial coach will not manage your money or access to your personal accounts or try to sell your products.  The problem is never about knowing what to do, it usually comes down to taking steps or actions. Financial coaching help bridge the gap by providing strong effective tools that requires action.

Your Financial Accountability Partner

We offer personalized one on one Financial Coaching, Debt Management, Credit Repair Services. We will partner with you to create a personalize financial plan for everyday management. This may include debt and credit management.

We are certified Financial Education Instructors and Certified Credit Consultants. We have a passion for empowering clients with financial knowledge to set and achieve their financial goals, reduce money stress and live happier lives. Large companies do not have personalize plans where you have access to a live person as soon as you have questions or need help with your finances; with Savvy Money Behavior we are your financial accountability partner and will be with you every step of the way.

It’s impossible to map out a route to your destination if you don’t know where you’re starting from - Suze Orman

If you are ready to jump start and make a commitment to your financial success, select a coaching package today and lets get started. 

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