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The Savvy Money Behavior blog's goal is to educate and improve financial literacy amongst every day users of money. We believe an informed consumer will make sound financial decision based on their needs, goals, aspirations and not on hype (or great marketing). An informed every day money user, will make wise and informed decisions about what their money will achieve for their purpose and goals. If I just described you, please read on...


Lesson One: What is Earned Income? 

There are different types of income, the most common are earned (wages) and unearned (capital, we'll talk about unearned later). The everyday person will typically have earned income, money you labor for or sweat for. You basically have to show up and perform labor or service day in and day out to earn. Once you render your labor or services you get compensated weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly (that's me) or even monthly (I don't know anyone who can survive on the monthly pay schedule these days but, I'm mentioning it, just in case, you never know).

So, why am I talking about earned income? ...because if we're going to increase our financial literacy we need to know the basics. We need to start from scratch and lay our foundation with knowledge. I could start this blog by saying to manage your money better, you need to create a budget,
set goals and achieve them. However, I think without foundational knowledge to know why or the value of what you are doing; this will only create a cycle of start & stop and start & stop which puts you in a hamster wheel to nowhere. I could also tell you to change your behavior with money. This is true but, would you know why, would you know the value? You see, you need to stop and think about your hard earned income, you had to sweat for it and this is why companies spend millions trying to get it out of your hands into theirs. They know the value of it and you need to understand the value as well. You earned it, so you need to decide what it will do for you daily, weekly, monthly. If you don't decide or create a plan for what your money will accomplish for you, the world will, your money will just walk right out of your hands without direction into the world never to be seen again. Have you ever walked into a store, picked up a few items, see your total and wonder "what did I buy?" you're standing there looking at the cashier, they're waiting and you pull out your cash or card and pay. You walk out baffled and looking into you shopping bag or cart. This is what not acknowledging the value of you hard earned money and not having a plan for your money will feels like.

Takeaway: Acknowledge the value of your hard earned money. Take that knowledge into your everyday spending. Think this before you buy, How many hours of work is this item worth?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Leave your thoughts in the comments, I'd Love to hear from you.
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